An Outside View of the Community Action Project of Tulsa's CareerAdvance Anti-Poverty Effort

May 30, 2012

On this edition of our show, we discuss a newly created, two-generation program to move parents and their children beyond poverty: the Community Action Project of Tulsa's CareerAdvance initiative. Our guest is Anne Mosle, a Vice President at the Aspen Institute and the Executive Director of the its Ascend Program, which focuses on economic security for families. Mosle recently visited Tulsa in order to observe the CareerAdvance program (which has been funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the Inasmuch Foundation, and the Health Profession Opportunities Grant) firsthand. As Mosle tells us, while here in town, she and several other officials met with Steven Dow --- the executive director of the Community Action Project (or CAP), and himself a recently named Ascend Fellow for 2012 --- and with CAP’s research, economic support, data, and family support teams. CAP, a nonprofit United Way agency that's been fighting poverty at the local level for 30+ years, today serves some 2,000 Tulsa-area children through its early childhood programs. And with its CareerAdvance program, CAP is now also serving the parents (mostly, single mothers) of school-enrolled children by offering those parents nursing and health information technology training as well as credentials. (You can learn more about this particular CAP program here, and more about Ascend's recent trip to Tulsa at this link.) Also on this installment of ST, our commentator Barry Friedman visits a local cemetery and wonders, "Where are the dead?"