Overnight Severe Weather Risk For Green Country With Baseball-Size Hail Possible

May 3, 2021

The National Weather Service in Tulsa says severe storms are possible across northeast Oklahoma from late Monday afternoon until early Tuesday morning.

Baseball- to softball-size hail, damaging winds up to 70 mph, and tornadoes are all possible, with chances for those hazards increasing as storms move south and east.

According to a NWS briefing, locations along and northwest of I-44 will likely remain behind a cold front over the region, limiting severe weather potential there. 

"So, should any storms spread into that area, any severe weather threat will likely be isolated and brief in nature," NWS forecasters said.

The weather event should be over by 2 a.m. as storms roll out of western Arkansas.

NWS recommends having at least three sources to get weather information from, like radio, TV, a weather radio and the internet. Residents should also have a severe weather safety plan in place that accounts for different places they might be during an event.