As Part of the Livings Arts of Tulsa 17th Annual New Genre Festival: "Flight"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we're talking about a multi-media/performance-art piece called "Flight," which will be presented at 8pm on both Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center's Doenges Theater. This presentation is a part of the 17th Annual New Genre Festival, which is programmed and hosted each year by Living Arts of Tulsa. (Details are at, or you can call 918-585-1234.) Our two guests on today's program are the New Orleans-based sculptor and set designer Jeff Becker, who is the mastermind behind "Flight" (and who's also the director of the production) and Kathy Randels, who performs in "Flight" as an actor, and who co-created the music for this piece. Here's how one critic, writing for The Times-Picayune, described "Flight" after a recent production: "An intricate piece of live-action sculpture [with] marvelous mechanical props . . . ghostly video projections . . . fabulous costumes . . . [an] ethereal score [and a] quintet of energetic actors. [This] action-packed hour long amusement won't let you down."