Performance Oklahoma: Brightmusic Chamber Ensemble

May 9, 2019

Concert 4

On Tuesday, March 19th, the Brightmusic Society of Oklahoma gave its 4th concert of the season at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oklahoma City, the program designed to showcase the artistry of the ensemble’s woodwind players. Presenting six works scored for various groupings of woodwinds with and without piano, the program offered pieces by François Devienne, Mikhail Glinka, Florent Schmitt, Marie Clémence de Grandval , Lukáš Hurnik and Camille Saint-Saëns and features flutist Parthena Owens, oboist Lisa Harvey-Reed, clarinetist Chad Burrow, bassoonist Rodney Ackmann and pianists Ruirui Ouyang and Sallie Pollack.

This program airs Saturday, May 11th, 8pm on Classical 88.7 HD-1.