Performance Oklahoma: Highlights Part II Brightmusic Chamber Ensemble Festival

Sep 27, 2017

Johannes Brahms always said that the two most important events in his lifetime were the launch of the complete scholarly Bach Edition in 1850 and Bismarck’s unification of the German state in 1871. It is the case that, throughout his life and career, Brahms sustained a deep interest in music of the past, and the works of Johann Sebastian Bach were a particular source of fascination to him. In fact Brahms himself edited some of the master’s works for the Gesellschaft and he adopted a number of Bach themes and forms in his own compositions and he made significant transcriptions and arrangements of many of Bach’s works.

This past June the Brightmusic Society concluded its 14th season with its sixth annual Chamber Music Festival, returning to the theme of the very first Festival in 2012 pairing together works from two great German masters, Johann Sebastian Bach and Johannes Brahms. In this week's program we’ll hear part tw0 of two showcasing performance highlights from the four concert series given on June 8th, 11th, 12th and 13th at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Oklahoma City. Works to be featured include the Suite No. 3 in C Major for solo cello by Bach and five selected songs for voice and piano, four selected chorale preludes for organ and the Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in b minor Op 115 by Brahms. (Photo courtesy of Michael Anderson)

This program airs Saturday, September 30th, 8pm on Classical 88.7 HD-1.