Performance Oklahoma: OKC Philharmonic

Jun 25, 2019

OKC Philharmonic

Classics 8

The high baroque was one of the most dynamic eras in history in the development of musical style and form. Antonio Vivaldi left a defining mark on the Baroque concerto with his scores of gleaming virtuosity, colorful instrumentation, and perfection of the concerto structure. Johannes Brahms was the great master of symphonic and sonata style, his works complementing and countering the growth of romantic individualism. Brahms revered the strength of form and structure inherited from the classical tradition of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, and infused his music with powerful momentum through his mastery of rhythm and pacing, taking his cues from his study of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, whose own works are suffused with the spirit of dance and rhythmic drive; Bach a student of the concertos of Vivaldi. On Saturday, June 1st the Oklahoma City Philharmonic offered its final concert of the season, the Classics 8 program featuring the tone poem and Baroque masterpiece The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, featuring the orchestra’s concertmaster, violinist Gregory Lee and the remarkable first symphony of Johannes Brahms, its distinctive character and sonority, lyricism and architectural breadth securing its place as one of the greatest symphonies ever written. Alexander Mickelthwate conducts and rounds out his first season as the Philharmonic's new music director.

This program airs Saturday, June 29th, 8pm on Classical 88.7, HD-1.