At Philbrook: Amy Wells, a Hollywood Set Decorator Who Worked on Seasons 1 through 3 of "Mad Men"

May 17, 2012

On this edition of ST, we welcome Amy Wells, a Hollywood-based set decorator who's worked on several outstanding films and TV series over the years, among them the television programs "House," "Love Field," and "Mad Men," as well as the motion pictures "Clueless," "There Will Be Blood," and "A Single Man." Wells will speak this evening (Thursday the 17th) at 7pm at the Philbrook Museum of Art; her appearance is a part of the museum's ongoing "Third Thursday" series. She'll mainly be talking about her equally exciting and interesting work as a set decorator on AMC's "Mad Men" --- a popular and critically acclaimed show that's routinely praised as much for its costumes, props, and sets as for its writing, acting, and directing. (Indeed, there is surely no other program currently on American TV that's been more celebrated for its "look.") Wells worked on "Mad Men" during the show's first three seasons. For more information, please see this page at the Philbrook website.