At Philbrook's Third Thursday Series: Artist/Illustrator James Warhola and "A Night with Uncle Andy"

Jan 15, 2015

On this edition of ST, we welcome James Warhola (born 1955), an American artist and illustrator who's created more than two dozen children's picture books over the years. Warhola briefly worked at Interview magazine in New York City -- which was established and edited by Andy Warhol, his uncle -- before becoming a science fiction illustrator. As such, beginning in the early 1980s, he did the cover art for hundreds of sci-fi books, and he was later an artist and illustrator for Mad magazine. Two of the well-known picture books that Warhola has written and illustrated concern the life and work of his famous -- make that iconic -- Pop Artist uncle: "Uncle Andy's" (2003) and "Uncle Andy's Cats" (2009). It's these two works that our guest discusses with us in detail on today's ST (among other subjects). Warhola will also speak about these books tonight, the 15th, at the Philbrook Museum of Art, when he participates in a Third Thursday event entitled "A Night with Uncle Andy." This event begins at 5:30pm and is free with museum admission.