A Phone Scam is Targeting Tulsa County Residents

Jun 27, 2019

Credit youtube.com

A common phone scam is once again making the rounds, targeting potential victims across Tulsa County, by claiming to be a Deputy or Supervisor from TCSO.

Today TCSO investigators have been contacted by multiple people who have received calls from scammers that identified themselves using the names of actual TCSO staff members. This time the scammer is claiming to be Sergeant Mike Moore. The caller ID displays the phone number of 918-238-2719, but the name and number being used by the scammer can change without notice.

The scammer tells the potential victim they have a warrant for their arrest for missing jury duty. They tell the victim they must immediately pay hundreds of dollars in fines in order to avoid arrest. They instruct the victim to purchase cash cards from local stores in order to “pay the bond” and avoid arrest. They order the victim to remain on the phone with them while purchasing the cards. As soon the victim buys the cards and provides the card numbers over the phone, the money is stolen by the crook.

So far we have not received reports of anyone falling for this scam, but as we investigates this latest round of scam calls, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind everyone that we never call anyone with warrants to demand payment of fines in order avoid arrest. If you receive one of these calls, hang up. If you’re a victim of this scam, call 918-596-5600 to file a report.