Police Continue Search for Toddlers Missing from East Tulsa Apartments

May 26, 2020

Police will continue their search today for two Tulsa toddlers missing since Thursday.

Miracle Crook, 3,  and her brother, 2-year-old Tony Crook, were last seen around 10:15 a.m. Friday on an apartment complex security camera. About two hours earlier, they were seen in a convenience store with their mother, Donisha Willis, who does not have custody of them.

Over the weekend, TPD went door-to-door through their east Tulsa apartment complex, flew the helicopter over the area, and used water rescue teams and cadaver dogs to search nearby ponds. Chief Wendell Franklin said at this point, there are likely just two possibilities.

"These children are either on someone's couch asleep and the people that they're with don't know that these children are missing, or these children are dead," Franklin said. "We need to find these children, and every single moment that these children are away leads us to believe the latter."

Anyone with information on Miracle and Tony’s whereabouts is asked to call TPD at 918-596-9222 or an anonymous Crime Stoppers tip line, 918-596-COPS.

"We're also still looking for any video surveillance that you might have at your home or business, starting from Friday, about 9 o'clock in the morning throughout. If you have anything that looks suspicious or unusual, or anything at all that could help us, please call us so we can investigate that immediately," said Lt. Richard Meulenberg.

Willis has been arrested on charges of child neglect and assaulting an officer, but police say she is not helping them find Miracle and Tony.