Political Group Encourages Legislature To Reject Medicaid Privatization

Apr 20, 2021

Women In Recovery Director Mimi Tarrasch speaks during a news conference held by Stop The Health Care Holdup, a group of medical organizations opposed to Medicaid managed care.

A political group is urging the Oklahoma legislature to pass a bill stopping the governor's plan to privatize Medicaid.

The group, called Stop the Health Care Holdup, includes healthcare professionals from around the state who oppose Governor Stitt's proposal. 


Stitt's plan would see up to 75% of Medicaid enrollees working with four private insurance companies. Senate Bill 131 would instead charge the Oklahoma Health Care Authority with developing a program. Proponents say the bill will contain costs and improve outcomes while relying on state employees instead of outside contractors.

The Oklahoma House took up the bill late Tuesday.


Supporter of Stop the Health Care Holdup and Women in Recovery Director Mimi Tarrasch says now is not the time to make a switch with resources already strained because of the pandemic.

"Privatizing health care is of great concern to the mental health community, with worry that services will be limited or reduced," she said.


Proponents of Stitt's plan say it will protect the state from financial risk and incentivize preventive care.