The Prism Project: Assessing the Needs of Tulsa's LGBTQ+ Community

Dec 23, 2019

On this edition of ST Medical Monday, we learn about The Prism Project, a far-reaching, recently-released needs-assessment survey that was commissioned in order to better inform the Greater Tulsa community about issues related to our LGBTQ+ neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens. As per the Prism Project website, Tulsa Reaches Out (which is an advisory council within the Tulsa Community Foundation) "commissioned The Hope Research Center at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa to conduct the survey within Tulsa's LGBTQ+ community. More than 800 anonymous surveys were completed and analyzed. The steering committee met over an 11-month period to inform the design and promotions of the survey, and analyze and interpret the findings.... The Prism Project tracks changes in the LGBTQ+ community since Tulsa Reaches Out first conducted a LGBTQ+ Needs Assessment in 2004-05. The new project highlights key findings as well as noting comparisons, improvements, and challenges the LGBTQ+ community now faces as compared to 15 years ago." Our guests today are both familiar with The Prism Project: Toby Jenkins is the CEO of Oklahomans for Equality, and Taylor Raye is the GSA and LGBTQ+ Program Coordinator at Youth Services of Tulsa.