Prof. Robert B. Marks, an Expert on Both the Environment and History of China, to Lecture at TU

Apr 9, 2015

China -- where so much of the world's population has lived for thousands and thousands of years now, and where several of the world's most polluted cities can be found -- is now starting to transition from a mega-economy that's based on exporting to one that's based on domestic consumerism. What will this transition mean for that country's already-troubled environment? And how is it even possible -- from a soil or fertility perspective -- that parts of China have served as farmland for literally 3,000 years? On this installment of ST, we speak with Prof. Robert B. Marks of Whittier College, in Whittier, California, where he is the Richard and Billie Deihl Professor of History and Environmental Studies. Tonight -- Thursday the 9th -- at 6pm, Prof. Marks will deliver the Cadenhead-Settle Memorial Lecture in the McFarlin Library Student Study on the TU campus. His talk is free to the public, and you can learn more about it at this link. Past books that've been written or edited by Prof. Marks include "The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Environmental Narrative from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-First Century" and "Radicalism, Revolution, and Reform in Modern China," and the title of his latest book is also the title of the address that he'll deliver at TU this evening: "China: Its Environment and History."