Providing a Support System for Young Adults Who Have None

Jul 12, 2017

The transition from childhood to adulthood -- the adolescent and post-adolescent years, and all that go with them -- can be difficult, of course, for a host of reasons. Whether it's finding a job, finishing school, locating a place to live, discovering what one's goals really are, deciding on a career path, and so forth -- these can be trying experiences; relying on the aid of one's family and friends in such cases is paramount. But what if you're confronting these realities and you actually have no family? Or you have no "support network" of friends, mentors, and relatives? What are your options? Where do you turn? Where can you turn? On today's ST, we speak with two local experts about these matters: David Grewe is the executive director of the nonprofit Youth Services of Tulsa, and Kristi Charles directs The National Resource Center for Youth Services, which is based at OU-Tulsa.