Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRAs

Dec 22, 2016

DID YOU KNOW?  You can support Public Radio Tulsa through your IRA distribution!

If you are 70 ½ years of age and own an IRA, you must take an annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).  But you also may ROLL OVER up to $100,000 from your traditional or Roth IRA to a qualified charity, such as Public Radio Tulsa/The University of Tulsa. 

The benefit? 

The rollover lowers your income, lowers your taxes…and provides vital support to Public Radio Tulsa: northeast Oklahoma’s source for NPR news, information, and classical and jazz music.  When discussing your plans this year with your financial professional, remember Public Radio Tulsa, where you listen to make sense of this complex world, where you find intelligence, thoughtfulness, connectedness, and beauty.  And consider making Public Radio Tulsa a beneficiary of your IRA rollover.

IRA gifts must be received by December 31st to qualify for this tax year.  Please contact Public Radio Tulsa Development Director Judith Nole at (918) 631-3118 or judith-nole@publicmediatulsa.org  for more information.

Public Radio Tulsa and The University of Tulsa urge you to seek the advice of your financial professional when considering your gifts.