Range Rover Finds new Life as Morning Edition

Mar 1, 2018

Andrew Knoll and his wife, Katie, had always wanted to support Public Radio Tulsa in a bigger way.  So when they were deciding what to do with their 2006 Range Rover, the answer was simple: donate it to public radio! 

“I had that car for ten years, and it was a great car,” says Andrew.  "When we were buying our new car, we were talking about what to do with the old one…and Katie suggested donating it to Public Radio Tulsa.  I said, “That’s a great idea – let’s do it!”

Like a lot of us (and our children), Andrew has been a public radio listener since he was about five, and riding in the car with his parents.  Now, he says, it’s almost all he listens to.  “NPR is so much a part of my life and education.  I never stop learning when I listen to NPR.” 

Thank you, Andrew and Katie, for donating your old car to Public Radio Tulsa!  If YOU are in the market for a new car, consider donating your old vehicle to us.  It’s an easy way to support the news, conversation, and music you hear every day.  Call our Vehicle Donation Specialists at 1-855-277-2346, or begin the vehicle donation process online HERE.