Re: Voices of Oklahoma, the Ongoing Oral History Website Created by Tulsa Radio Legend John Erling

Apr 14, 2015

On this installment of StudioTulsa, we are pleased to welcome John Erling, known and appreciated by many local radio listeners for his three decades on the air at KRMG. Five years ago, Erling inaugurated Voices of Oklahoma, an oral history website dedicated to caputing the life stories of Oklahomans from all walks of life. As Erling tells us today, what began as basically a part-time retirement project has now grown into full-blown, ongoing passion for the Tulsa radio icon. With more than 160 long-form recordings featuring the voices and personal remembrances of Ann Bartlett, Roy Clark, Nancy Feldman, Fred Harris, George Nigh, Oral Roberts, Bud Wilkinson, and Henry Zarrow -- to name just a handful -- Voices of Oklahoma has now been acquired by the University of Tulsa's Oklahoma Center for the Humanities. Erling, who still serves at the website's creative director, explains why this important partnership with TU (which took effect about a year ago) will ensure sustained growth, a wider readership, and ample research/academic opportunities for his remarkable website.