In Rebranding, Tribe Centers 'Muscogee' — Not 'Creek'

May 4, 2021

The Muscogee Nation this week announced a rebranding, centering its public image around "Muscogee" -- not "Creek." 

"The British coined the misnomer 'Creek,'" explains Brian OnTheHill, Muscogee Nation creative manager for marketing and tourism, in a video released Monday. "When this alias appears in parentheses alongside the proper name of the Nation, it creates confusion amongst the general public and it is often mistaken as an interpretation of 'Muscogee,' or the two are read together as if it were one name.

"In order to solidify the Nation's identification and keep the connection to the Tribal seal, we chose to use 'Muscogee' as the Tribe's sole name."

"Although 'Creek' is the label placed upon us by the British colonists, many of our citizens will remain committed to the moniker because of its familiarity and historical ties," OnTheHill said. "We are not denying our history. We are declaring our own identity." 

Jason Salsman, the Tribe's press secretary, said the official, legal name will remain "Muscogee (Creek) Nation" as written in their Constitution, and they're not explicitly telling people not to use it.

"But we prefer 'Muscogee Nation,'" Salsman said.