Regarding the Vision Tulsa Proposal's Focus on Economic Devleopment in North Tulsa

Mar 28, 2016

On this edition of ST, we offer a closer look at some of the economic development objectives within the Vision Tulsa proposal. For years, the north side of Tulsa has felt neglected and shortchanged when it comes to infrastructure improvements as well as efforts to provide good-paying jobs in the area. But within Vision Tulsa, there is money for a public-private partership that would create a ready and receptive environment for the next potential manufacturing or industrial employer looking at our city as an expansion site. The Peoria/Mohawk Industrial Park involves the George Kaiser Family Foundation, which has purchased more than 115 acres for light- and medium-sized manufacturing. If Vision Tulsa passes, the city would prepare the infrastructure for this site, thereby making it shovel-ready for a potential occupant. And a unique arrangement with OSU Tech would, in turn, provide job training and skill development, so that North Tulsa residents could ideally serve as a the backbone of the work force. Our two guests on StudioTulsa bring us up to date on all of this; we are joined by Jack Henderson, the Tulsa City Councilor for District 1, and Josh Miller, a Program Officer at the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Also on today's show, a free-wheelin' commentary by Barry Friedman: "Bob Dylan in Tulsa."