From Remodeling to Reconstructing: Gilcrease Museum to Be Demolished and Then Rebuilt

Feb 12, 2020

Our guest is Susan Neal, Executive Director of Gilcrease Museum, which recently announced that its current facility will be not just refurbished or remodeled but, indeed, entirely rebuilt. The museum announced over the weekend that its current building will be demolished, and that a new structure will be erected in its place. As Neal expalins, Gilcrease has been added to -- and/or expanded upon -- several times over the years. The oldest parts of the museum date back to 1913; the newest building in the Gilcrease complex dates from the 1980s. Thus the museum must routinely deal with HVAC issues, locations or situations in need of repair, visitors having trouble navigating the site, and so on. Entirely rebuilding Gilcrease Museum is widely seen as the most cost-effective option.