The Rev. Dr. John M. Buchanan Will Give the 28th Annual Knippa Interfaith / Ecumenical Lecture

Jan 20, 2015

On Sunday the 25th -- at Grace Lutheran Church (2331 East 5th Place) in Tulsa -- the 28th Annual Knippa Interfaith / Ecumenical Lecture will be given. It is free to the public, it starts at 7pm, and it will feature the Rev. Dr. John M. Buchanan, Pastor Emeritus of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago (where he served for more than 25 years). Buchanan is also the editor and publisher of The Christian Century magazine; he has received numerous doctorates and honors for his scholarship, and he's written three books. Buchanan is our guest on ST, and he speaks in detail about the lecture he'll be giving here in Tulsa soon. It's a speech with a very Donald Rumsfeldian title: "Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns: Prelude to Hopeful Interfaith Relationships." Also on today's program, our commentator Barry Friedman highlights a few recent developments in his ongoing (and Herculean?) effort to help his elderly father relocate to the Tulsa area. And, rightly enough, "Pennies from Hell" is the title of Friedman's personal essay.