Sand Springs Awarded for Community Policing Effort

Oct 11, 2018

Credit Sand Springs Police

When it comes to community policing, Sand Springs is tops. The community was presented the top award at the International Police Chiefs Conference in Orlando. Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter says the department as been very proactive in the community.

Chief Carter stated, “We read the DOJ report on Ferguson after our City Attorney David Weatherford suggested that we may want to look at missteps that had taken place in there, and what we could do to assure our public that we were policing in a positive manner”. He added, “We took a look at not only what we could do to promote procedural justice, officer accountability, transparency, training etc, but also at our past practices and decided to produce an annual plan”.

The Department has modified and refined the Plan each year by including input from its citizens. Upon presentation by the Department, the City Council holds a public hearing and adopts the current plan by resolution. 

Sand Springs was cited in the 20,000 to 50,000 population category.