Search for Missing Tulsa Children Appears over as Team Finds Second Child's Body

May 28, 2020

Miracle and Tony Crook went missing from their east Tulsa apartment complex Friday. Police say it is likely bodies found in area waterways this week are the children's.

The search for a missing 2- and 3-year-old from Tulsa appears to be over.

First responders found a second body around 5 p.m. Wednesday in Bird Creek near 46th Street North. Tulsa Police Lt. Richard Meulenberg said like with the body found Tuesday in the Verdigris River, they are awaiting identification from the medical examiner’s office, but it seems unlikely the children are not Miracle and Tony Crook.

"The body that was found was wearing clothing that’s similar to the clothing we’re expecting to find for one of the missing children. We do know it’s a young, young male," Meulenberg said.

That discovery after search crews found the body of a young girl Tuesday night in the Verdigris River, miles south of where the boy was found.

Meulenberg said they were hoping for a better ending to the search for the toddlers.

"You know, we’re disappointed that it ended up this way, but the second phase is closure. I have children. Many, many -- almost all of the first responders I know have children. So, it’s heartbreaking when you’re there and you’ve got to do something that is just unthinkable," Meulenberg said.

Miracle and Tony went missing from the Shoreline Apartments in east Tulsa Friday morning. They were seen on security camera footage walking hand-in-hand toward Mingo Creek and never reappearing.

The last time they were seen with an adult, it was their noncustodial mother, Donisha Willis. She was arrested and charged with child neglect and assaulting an officer. TPD detectives and the district attorney’s office are discussing whether additional charges could be filed or whether additional people might be charged.