Sheltering at Home with Folk Salad

May 7, 2020

Hello, Folk Salad fans! We're back on the air with new shows! 

 Richard Higgs and I sheltering at home and creating radio from my living room. We JUST set up a studio so we can start bringing you some brand new shows. Some great new music has come across our desk and we look forward to sharing it with you, as well as some of our favorites and yours, and of course our own great Oklahoma artists.  

We are using Ocen audio and a zoom H4N, which has a great built-in mic. We made a windscreen using a coat hanger and my wife’s nylon sock. Works great. Thanks to Jason Heilman for giving me the idea. Neither Richard or I are particularly tech savvy, so there were some challenges in just learning the program and syncing up the Zoom with the program, but it was a learning curve.  During the beginning stage, the most important thing we learned was, save, save, save your work.  Of course we had to learn that the hard way first.   

Tune in Sunday to Folk Salad, KWGS 89.5 at 7:00 p.m.  You can listen live HERE

Best wishes, 

Scott Aycock