"Shout" -- A Powerful New Memoir in Poetry by Laurie Halse Anderson

Mar 26, 2019

Our guest is the bestselling young-adult writer Laurie Halse Anderson, who is widely known and appreciated for the brave manner in which she writes about, and advocates for, survivors of sexual assault. Her novel "Speak," which first appeared two decades ago, was groundbreaking in this regard. Anderson's new book, which she tells us about, is a memoir in poetry called "Shout." As was noted of this moving book in a starred review in Publishers Weekly: "In this powerful memoir told in free verse, Anderson delves into her past and that of her parents, sharing experiences at the root of novels such as 'Speak' (her rape at the age of 13) and 'The Impossible Knife of Memory' (her father's PTSD after World War II).... In one especially contemplative poem entitled 'how the story found me,' Anderson turns on its head the common refrain 'follow your dreams,' recommending that readers 'follow your nightmares instead / cuz when you figure out what's eating you alive / you can slay it.' Her potent words and willingness to shout her message are proof of the soundness of that advice." Please note that Anderson will appear here in Tulsa at the 71st Street Barnes & Noble on Monday the 25th; the event begins at 7pm and will feature the author in conversation with Kimberly Johnson, CEO of Tulsa City-County Library.