Signature Symphony to Soon Play Beethoven's 5th Symphony at ONEOK Field

Sep 18, 2020

Tomorrow night -- Saturday the 19th, at 7:30pm -- the Signature Symphony will perform an outdoor, socially-distanced concert in downtown Tulsa at ONEOK Field. Beethoven's 5th will be on the program for this one-hour concert, along with music composed by Randy Newman for the popular 1984 film, "The Natural," as well as a piece composed in honor of Stephen Goforth, a long-time Signature musician who died earlier this year. (More on this concert, including how to get tickets, is posted here.) Our guest on ST is Rick Wagner, who will be the guest conductor for this concert. Wagner is also the Director of the TU School of Music, and so he moreover speaks with us about the ongoing challenges of teaching music to students in the age of COVID-19.