Something Special Just for YOU

Jun 5, 2017

Something special just for YOU! 

How many times over the course of 10 days do you find yourself saying to someone, “Hey, I heard this GREAT story on Morning Edition”…or wind up sitting in your driveway for 15 minutes so you don’t miss a second of RadioLab?  If you’re a public radio fan, and if you’re not already a contributing member of Public Radio Tulsa, the first 10 days of June are for YOU.  It’s our “10 Days/100 NEW Members” drive. 

As our thanks for making the jump into the public radio support pool, we have a special, limited-time gift for any brand-new contributor making a donation of $60, or $5 per month, or more: The NPR Favorite Driveway Moments 2-CD set!  This is a collection of over two hours of NPR’s best work.