Speedcubing, Anyone? -- Notes on "Cracking the Cube" (Encore Presentation)

May 9, 2017

On this installment of ST, we listen back to an entertaining interview from November of last year. At that time, we spoke with journalist Ian Scheffler about his then-new book, "Cracking the Cube: Going Slow to Go Fast and Other Unexpected Turns in the World of Competitive Rubik's Cube Solving." As one Erno Rubik -- the inventor of the famous cube -- has noted of this book: "Scheffler provides the first comprehensive book on the global phenomenon of speedcubing. Much has changed since the first world championship was organized in Budapest in 1982. But the emotions were all there already -- good to see they haven't cooled in over three decades. The cubing community is growing ever larger, younger -- and faster!" Note that you can hear a free, on-demand audio-stream of our conversation with Mr. Scheffler at this link.