ST on Health: Concerning the Newly Created (and Excellent) Future of You Website from KQED

Apr 30, 2015

On this edition StudioTulsa on Health, we learn about a newly launched website -- both clear and striking in its design, both interactive and up-to-the-minute in its content -- called Future of You. It takes a decidedly people-focused and tech-savvy approach to health and medical issues, and it was launched back in March by the good folks at KQED (which is a public radio and TV affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area). Guest host John Schumann speaks with Christina Farr, a science reporter at KQED who's also the editor and host of Future of You. Farr was previously a reporter for the Reuters news service, covering digital health, Apple Computers, and other interesting topics, and she talks about how and why Future of You got started -- and about why she thinks it's gathering such an immediate and widespread following. She also speaks about a few of the stories that Future of You as thus far posted, such as -- to cite just three -- pieces on faulty Electronic Medical Records (or EMRs), entrepreneurs who are creating firms that might well correct the current EMR debacle, and potentially promising health-centric apps for the new Apple Watch.