ST Medical Monday: A Chat with Dr. Anne Hallward of Safe Space Radio

Dec 7, 2020

Our guest is Dr. Anne Hallward, the host and founder of Safe Space Radio. She is also a board-certified psychiatrist in Portland, Maine. Formerly on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Hospital, Dr. Hallward co-designed and taught courses on death and dying, cultural competence, sexuality, and psychiatric interviewing; she also published on death and dying, cultural bias in medicine, sexuality, and issues related to hunger. All of which -- and more -- comes into focus on her Safe Space Radio show, which began in 2008, and which aims, as is noted at its website, to "inspire courageous conversations, break down the barriers that divide us, and create compassionate communities." Regular KWGS listeners will note that we aired several Safe Space Radio programs in our "Documentary of the Week" slot back in October and November; all of those programs (and many others) can be accessed at this link.