ST Medical Monday: A Chat with Gary Schwitzer of

Jul 17, 2018

Our guest on ST Medical Monday is Gary Schwitzer, a longtime journalist and the publisher of the non-profit website, which he founded in 2006 (and which is now, due to time-limited funding, slated to cease operations at the end of 2018). This well-respected site, as per its Editorial Team page, has by now "grown to a team of about 50 people who grade daily health news reporting by major U.S. news organizations.  In addition, in 2015, the project began reviewing health care-related news releases by industry, medical journals, hospitals and academic medical centers, and others." Among the items that we chat with Schwitzer about on our show today: "A place to tell stories of patient harm from misleading media," "Is the US Preventive Services Task Force ‘hurting men’ with its new osteoporosis recommendations? Here’s what you need to know," and "U of Maryland review: researcher on flawed chocolate milk/concussions study failed to disclose big dairy donations."