ST Medical Monday: A Focus on the Newly Formed Coalition for the Future of Oklahoma Families

Nov 12, 2018

On this edition of our program, we're discussing a recent DHS-related proposal put forth by the Trump Administration as well as local efforts to challenge this proposal. The proposal in question would change the accepted ferderal definition of Public Charge, which is a term used by immigration officials to refer to certain legal immigrants who are able to receive government benefits like food assistance, housing assistance, and health care. The proposal is widely seen as a move that would harm -- and, in fact, if made law, ultimately restrict the rights of -- many immigrants and their families who already live and work in this country legally. We speak with three individuals from a multi-organization outfit known as the Coalition for the Future of Oklahoma Families (or CFOF). As noted at the CFOF website: "Under a proposed change, the Public Charge policy would be expanded to include participation in basic programs like SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid (possibly including the Children's Health Insurance Program), prescription medications under Medicare Part D, and housing assistance.... Fammilies shouldn't be punished for accepting help when they need it, no matter where they are from. The proposed Public Charge rule change is fundamentally flawed and can't be fixed. It should be withdrawn. Oklahoma communities thrive when everyone has the opportunity to build a better life with access to adequate food, housing, and medical care." Listeners who would like to learn more about this issue -- or would like to voice their support for the rejection and eradication of this proposal -- are free to visit