ST Medical Monday Looks at the "Moral Injury of Healthcare"

Mar 2, 2020

On this edition of our show, we explore the "Moral Injury of Healthcare." Our guests are Dr. Wendy Dean and Dr. Simon G. Talbot, who have together created a new nonprofit aiming to (as noted at the nonprofit's "fix moral injury" website) "help all of us change the conversation about healthcare. This is NOT about burnout. It is about taking care of ourselves by taking care of patients.... The crisis of clinician distress is not just a professional issue for [Dean and Talbot]. It is also a personal issue. Both have had their own experiences with moral injury, have watched friends struggle, and have been impacted by the broader implications." Also, you can access an article that Dean wrote recently about moral injury among docs here, and you can watch a video of both Dean and Talbot particpating in a panel on moral injury at this link.