ST Medical Monday: Meet Dr. Bruce Dart, Executive Director of the Tulsa City-County Health Dept.

Jul 11, 2016

What do we mean by the phrase "public health"? What exactly does this term refer to? What sorts of treatments, goals, activities, and populations does it cover? On this edition of our program, we speak with Dr. Bruce Dart, who is Executive Director of the Tulsa City-County Health Department -- and who's also a Visiting Associate Professor at the OU-Tulsa College of Public Health. Dr. Dart has been with the Tulsa City-County Health Department for more than five years now, and he says that his organization works in a variety of ways each and every day to make the Greater Tulsa area a healthier place. You'll find more information about this tax-funded organization -- whose locally focused mission is to "sustain an equitable system that prevents disease, promotes healthy living, and ensures preparedness" -- at the TCCHD website, which also offers detailed data across the following categories: Food Safety, Personal Health, Family Health, Community Health, and Environmental Health.