On ST Medical Monday, Still She Rises, a Recently-Launched Public Defender Office in North Tulsa

Apr 19, 2017

On this edition of ST Medical Monday, we get to know Robin Steinberg, a New York City-based public defender who founded the nonprofit Bronx Defenders in the late 1990s. This organization is still known for its model of "holistic defense," in which clients are advocated for by an interdisciplinary team of professionals (legal and otherwise) who address the underlying causes as well as the collateral consequences of our criminal-justice system. As Steinberg tells us, in January of this year, the Bronx Defenders opened a smaller-scale satellite office in North Tulsa called Still She Rises. This subset operation is focused exclusively on helping women; it describes itself thus at the Still She Rises website: "By tailoring our legal strategies to the unique challenges faced by mothers in the criminal justice system and broadening the scope of our work beyond the criminal case, Still She Rises aims to break the cycle of poverty and instability that so often correlates with the incarceration of a mother. At Still She Rises, every client we represent has access to an interdisciplinary team of attorneys, social workers, legal advocates, and investigators committed to fighting by her side to keep her family together and rebuild her life."