State Board of Education Approves New Oklahoma School Report Cards

Nov 25, 2019

The latest Oklahoma school report cards were released Monday after being approved by the State Board of Education.

This is the second edition of A–F grades under the new system that, depending on grade level, takes into account not only test scores, but also academic growth, chronic absenteeism, English learner progress, access to postsecondary opportunities and graduation rates.

For the 2018–2019 school year, 54 schools received A's, 292 received B's, 579 received C's, 458 received D's and 111 received F's.

Within those grades, 33% of schools dropped at least one letter grade, while 51% held steady and 16% improved a grade or more. State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said under the overhauled grading system released earlier this year, those figures mean most schools are showing academic progress.

"Because the targets — it is more difficult every year. And so, if you kept the same grade as you had last year, you actually had to do something different to make that happen in terms of progressions and lifting student outcomes," Hofmeister said.

Hofmeister said administrators at schools that dropped a letter grade or more should take stock of what they’re doing.

"Are they using a tool to measure benchmarks that is not aligned with our state standards with full awareness that is not fully aligned? Are they teaching the science of reading? Are they taking advantage of our college/career math ready courses? Are they using the curriculum frameworks?" Hofmeister said.

Oklahoma's four-year graduation rate also improved modestly for a third straight year. Individual school report cards and additional information are available online at