State Insurance Commissioner Encourages Oklahomans to Take 'Get Ready' Pledge Ahead of Storms

Apr 29, 2019

Credit Oklahoma Insurance Department

Severe weather looks to be headed Tulsa's way on Tuesday. Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready said that leaves little time to prepare.

"Get ready now. When that storm comes through, it’s too late to pull together the details of your personal property and inventory and to have an emergency plan," Mulready said.

Mulready is encouraging Oklahomans to take his pledge and prepare for storm season by creating emergency plans at home and work; creating a home inventory and storing it off-site; getting important documents together and in a safe place; knowing your insurance policy; and making lists of your family’s medications and doctors.

"You’re not going to prevent a storm from coming through your community or your neighborhood, but you can be more prepared for that," Mulready said.

A household inventory should describe every item in your house and include photos. If it’s a tough sell to your family, you can explain it how Mulready did to his 15-year-old son.

"I just used the example that, 'Well, tomorrow, a storm takes out our house down to the slab, everything’s gone. Do you know exactly what’s in your room? Other than the clothes that are on the floor? So, you need to document that,'" Mulready said.

Tulsa could see severe thunderstorms throughout the day and most of the night Tuesday.