State Question 777: Listening to Arguments For and Against the "Right to Farm" Proposal

Oct 4, 2016

On this installment of ST, we are discussing State Question 777, the so-called "Right to Farm" proposal, which voters statewide will decide on come November. As was noted recently in a Tulsa World editorial: "Both sides in the debate over State Question 777...have been guilty of excesses in their arguments. The proponents have suggested that only a state constitutional measure could shield cherished rural values of decent working farmers from the meddling hands of bureaucrats and lunatic eco-extremists. The opponents have claimed that, were the measure to pass, almost any imaginable cruelty -- up to and including ramming a steel rod down a puppy’s throat to 'debark' it -- would become legal and have the same protection as free speech in Oklahoma. We don't think either nightmare scenario is likely, and chalk up the exaggerated rhetoric to the need to get voters excited....and the desire to raise money." We at StudioTulsa aim to discuss this debate without such out-sized pronouncements, and in doing so we welcome two guests: one is against SQ 777 (former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson) and the other supports the proposal (Michael Kelsey of the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association).