Step Up Oklahoma: Why This Group Was Created, What It's Seeking, & How It Aims to Achieve Its Goals

Jan 22, 2018

How will this state's very serious budget problems get solved? And when? What, in the end, is it going to take? On this edition of StudioTulsa, we learn about Step Up Oklahoma, which is, per its website, a "nonpartisan group of business, civic, and community leaders [who have come] together to work with lawmakers to...stabilize state revenue, reform government to increase efficiency and cut abuse, and raise teacher pay by $5,000 a year." Our guest is OKC businessman and attorney, Glenn Coffee, who is a vocal member of the Step Up Oklahoma outfit. Coffee was also the first Republican in Oklahoma history to serve as President Pro Tempore, the top leadership position in the State Senate. He was moreover selected by Governor Mary Fallin to run her transition office and appointed as Oklahoma Secretary of State in January 2011 (a post he held until January 2013). Also on our show, commentator Connie Cronley sings the praises of...of all things...Daisy Duck.