From Steve Gerkin, a Writer and Editor at This Land, Comes a "Hidden History of Tulsa"

Jun 13, 2014

On this installment on ST, we chat with Steve Gerkin, who is originally from Iowa, has lived in Tulsa for more than 35 years, retired from his general dentistry practice in 2010, and has written a number of interesting articles for This Land Press about little-known aspects of Tulsa-area history. Gerkin has gathered several of these articles into a book, "Hidden History of Tulsa," which has just been published. From the late-1920s football victory of the Hominy Indians over the New York Giants to the murderous rage of western swing legend Spade Cooley --- from Greenwood to the Pearl District to 71st and Lewis and beyond --- Gerkin's book provides an evocative journey through T-Town's less-familiar history. And as we learn on today's show, he will be reading from and signing copies of his book tomorrow morning (Saturday the 14th) at 10am at the Tulsa Historical Society (which is at 2445 South Peoria). You can learn more about this event here.