Stitt Says 'MEAT ALL WEEK' After State Lawmakers Resolve It 'Just Tastes Good'

Mar 22, 2021


In a Facebook post on Saturday, Gov. Kevin Stitt said that's what he wants to see beginning Monday.

"While Governor Polis in Colorado declared today a 'meatless holiday,' next week in Oklahoma is 'MEAT ALL WEEK,'" the governor wrote. "Do what you can to buy and eat protein. I can’t wait to have a big juicy ribeye -- and I will always stand with our farmer and ranchers!"

Stitt's desire for a meat-filled week coincides with state lawmakers expressing the same sentiment.

"The Oklahoma Legislature resolves that meat just tastes good," reads House concurrent resolution 1002, which passed by unanimous consent on Tuesday.

"The Oklahoma Legislature encourages Oklahomans to consume and enjoy meat and poultry for the week beginning March 22, 2021, and as often as they desire," the resolution says.

HCR 1002 was authored by Shawnee Republican Rep. Dell Kerbs.

"Let's enjoy the summer with eating lots of meat," Kerbs said while introducing the resolution on the House floor last week. "Grill it all on. Put everything on the grill, Mr. Speaker."

As "MEAT ALL WEEK" is occurring during Lent, some observant Oklahoma Christians will not be able to fully participate.