The Stories Your Car Could Tell... And The Stories It Still Might!

Jun 13, 2013

Poor Betsy. Or Bert. We know how difficult it can be to break ties with a beloved car. Yeah, it's been around the block a few times, but oh! the pleasure it gave you on trips back and forth to everywhere. There does comes a time, though, in every vehicle's life to say goodbye. 

Click and Clack, the car guys, have a way to sweeten that sorrow. Instead of selling off your beloved vehicle or sending it to a junkyard, donate it instead to public radio. Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services will whisk away your car to a better place. You'll receive a sales receipt, which you'll use to lower your taxes. And Public Radio Tulsa will receive proceeds to keep KWGS programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered - all of your favorites - on-the-air, in addition to classical music on KWTU. 

Click here for vehicle donation FAQ

Click Here to learn more and start the donation process or call the vehicle donation experts at 1-855-277-2346. Tell 'em Click and Clack sent you.

Rick is able to donate, even during tough economic times


Rajeev gives his "coming of age car"


Monique donates a yellow Beetle