Strong Beer and Wine Now in Oklahoma Supermarkets and C-Stores

Oct 1, 2018


Wine on sale at the Reasor's Supermarket in Bixby
Credit KWGS News

Strong, cold beer and wine is much easier to buy in Oklahoma.

State law currently allows package liquor stores to sell wine and strong beer, and beers stronger than 3.2 percent by volume can't be chilled. That's meant popular craft beers had to be bought hot and cooled later.

But all that changes Monday, when an overhaul of state liquor laws takes effect.

Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly approved State Question 792 in 2016. The constitutional amendment allows liquor stores to sell cold beer and grocery and convenience stores to sell strong beer and wine. State lodges also will be able to sell alcohol.

The Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission was working to process applications for licenses to sell alcohol in time to meet the deadline.