StudioTulsa on Health: Concerning CommunityCare, the Tulsa-Based Medical Insurance Company

Oct 22, 2013

On this edition of StudioTulsa on Health, guest host John Henning Schumann speaks with Dr. Jack Sommers, chief medical officer for CommunityCare, the Tulsa-based medical insurance firm that's owned and operated by Saint Francis Hospital and St. John Medical Center. (This company began as CommunityCare HMO in 1993; you can read a full history for CommunityCare here.) In an interesting and wide-ranging discussion, Dr. Sommers addresses how CommunityCare works, how it has grown and changed over the years, how its "local roots" set apart from various other managed-care organizations, and how it will be affected --- or, rather, how it's already being affected --- by the newly activated Affordable Care Act. Dr. Sommers also shares a bit about his own background and development as a doctor, as a business executive, and as a sort of hybrid (given his current post at CommunityCare) of the two.