StudioTulsa on Health: Getting to Know Chase Curtiss and the Sway Balance System Mobile App

Dec 6, 2013

On today's edition of StudioTulsa on Health, we welcome Chase Curtiss, the CEO and founder of Sway Medical, a Tulsa-based software company that is focused on, per its website, "reinventing the way medical outcomes are measured. Our mission is to advance outcomes-based patient care with practical and sustainable medical-grade mobile diagnostics." Therefore Curtiss mainly talks with guest host John Henning Schumann about Sway's "core product" --- it's an FDA-cleared app known as the Sway Balance System, and it's meant to help athletes, patients, and medical professionals monitor the human body's musculo-skeletal, neurological, and vestibular functioning (or malfunctioning, as the case may be). It's also an application that seems ideally suited for all the concerns we've heard lately about sports-related concussions in America, at all levels of competition. By simply using an iOS mobile device --- such as an iPad or iPhone --- users of the Sway Balance System app can quickly attain or analyze detailed information regarding a given patient's stability/equilibrium. (And an Android-friendly version of this app is due early next year, as Curtiss affirms.)