StudioTulsa on Health: Notes on Public Health with Dr. Michael Fischetti and Dr. Marilyn Winkleby

Apr 22, 2014

On this edition of StudioTulsa on Health, we hear from two doctors who are both highly accomplished and longtime advocates of public health, which has been defined as (per Wikipedia) "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations public and private, communities, and individuals." The health of a given culture or society, in other words, rather than any one individual's health or well-being. More and more people are now devoting their careers as physicians to community medicine --- which is the grassroots-based "doctoring" facet, so to speak, of the broader field of public health --- and on today's SToH, we hear some reasons as to why this is the case. Guest host Dr. John Schumann speaks with Dr. Michael Fischetti and Dr. Marilyn Winkleby, a California-based husband-and-wife team, both now retired, who were recently visiting the OU-Tulsa School of Community Medicine, which is a pioneering organization in our community that recruits and trains physicians planning to serve the health care needs of poor, vulnerable, and/or underserved communities. Dr. Shumann himself is on the faculty of this school, and he interviewed Dr. Fischetti and Dr. Winkleby while they were visiting Tulsa.