StudioTulsa on Health: "The Public Health Provider" -- An Event at OU-Tulsa

Jul 15, 2015

On this edition of ST on Health, Dr. Bryan Vartabedian is our guest. He's widely considered one of the most influential voices in American health care when it comes to social technology and its relationship with medicine, and he'll be leading a free-to-the-public workshop this afternoon (Tuesday the 14th) at the Perkins Auditorium on the OU-Tulsa campus (at 41st and Yale). The workshop is called "The Public Health Provider." As Dr. Vartabedian -- a well-regarded blogger and doctor based in Texas -- tells guest host John Schumann, today's rapidly emerging digital culture means that medical professionals of all sorts are faced with new challenges, new responsibilities, new problems, and above all new opportunities. Dr. Vartabedian describes these contemporary realities in detail on our program. Doctors, for example, are often expected nowadays to develop an ongoing, regularly-updated online presence for themselves, whether through blogs, personal or professional websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, or all of the above. An acknowledged expert on content and communication strategies for online docs everywhere, Dr. Vartabedian speaks about how social media and other web-based developments ultimately empower health care experts, and thus also empower patients.