StudioTulsa Medical Monday: Prostate Cancer Awareness -- Speading the Word, Stating the Facts

Sep 21, 2016

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in America; it's a disease that afflicts 16 million men worldwide. Moreover, nearly 60% of African American men will develop, at some point in life, an issue with their prostate...and 19 percent of African American males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. On this edition of our show, ST Medical Monday host John Schumann is talking about prostate cancer awareness with two Tulsans, Mike Newman and Walter Armstrong, who are both survivors of the disease. They are both also dedicated to "getting the word out" regarding what prostate cancer is, how and when to get checked for it, and why it's actually nothing for men to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Newman and Armstrong are co-presenting a "Prostate Cancer Awareness Now" event here in Tulsa tomorrow night, Tuesday the 20th, at 7pm. This is a free event, and it happens at the Greenwood Cultural Center (at 322 North Greenwood Avenue). For more information, please call 918-231-6891.