Study Recommends Tulsa Transit Increase Service In Broken Arrow

Mar 1, 2021

A study of Tulsa Transit services in Broken Arrow makes several recommendations to ramp up public transportation in the coming years for a growing community.

"Implement a same-day, on-demand service. Definitely maintain the express routes that are there — we actually recommend they grow a little bit. We do recommend a north-south express route on [U.S. 169], trying to get north Broken Arrow to those employers north of the community," Olsson Associates Senior Transportation Planner Corinne Donahue told the Tulsa Transit Board last week.

The study recommends Tulsa Transit add morning, midday and afternoon trips to routes 902 and 909, which take people between Broken Arrow and downtown Tulsa on the Broken Arrow Expressway. The same-day, on-demand service it recommends would replace the existing flex route 508.

The recommended changes would happen over several years and would eventually bring Tulsa Transit’s costs of operating services for Broken Arrow to more than $800,000 a year. The City of Broken Arrow will be asked to kick in a larger share of funding.

Donahue said the recommendations were made after a series of public input events and are meant to serve a city expected to add 50,000 residents by 2045.

"The challenge that the city officials are facing — 'OK, wow. We’re having 50,000 more people, you times that by two cars and, you know we’re getting into this craziness.' And how can transit be a solution for services in the future out there?" Donahue said.

The transit study will be presented to the Broken Arrow City Council later this month.