"Survival of the City: Living and Thriving in an Age of Isolation"

Sep 15, 2021

The pandemic, of course, has clearly changed -- and is actually still changing -- how we think about work, play, relationships, entertainment, education, social interaction, and much more. It's also making many of us wonder about city life, i.e., what the pros and cons of living in an urban setting really are in this age of Covid. Are people still as drawn to cities as they used to be? And what does the future of the city look like? Our guest is David Cutler, the Otto Eckstein Professor of Applied Economics at Harvard University. Known for his work in health economics and public economics, Cutler is the co-author of "Survival of the City: Living and Thriving in an Age of Isolation." He tells us about this book, which Publishers Weekly calls "ambitious and timely.... A valuable resource on how to make America's cities better."